A new RPG system

A proposed dice mechanic

One of the things that was usually nice about One Roll Engine’s dice mechanic is that it established two random vectors with a single roll.  For example if a player rolled 3,5,5,6,6,6,7 the mechanics informed us that the roll was a 3×6 roll, where 3 was how Fast/Accurate it was, and 6 was  how Strong/Much it was.  This removed problems of, for example, rolling first to hit and then for damage.  Or worse in some systems rolling to hit, and then location, and then damage, and then figuring out the ramifications of that damage.

Another feature that would be nice in a game is having some ability to control that matrix.  Legend of the Five Rings had some of that with respect to duels, as waiting in duels increased ones effect but reduced ones ability to succeed.  (Or at least that’s how I remember it)

So, here is the dice mechanic I am considering.

A players stat (whatever that is) is a set of dice.  For example: d4, d6, d6, d8, d10

When a player performs an action, they roll all of those dice.  In this case maybe they get: 3, 2, 4, 4, 10

They then choose how many dice to keep from the highest dice to the lowest dice.  The Speed/Accuracy of that test is the number of dice they kept, the Magnitude is the lowest dice that was kept.  For example, in this case if they kept 5, it would be a 5 Accuracy / 2 Magnitude check (5 x 2), if they kept 3 it would be a 5 Accuracy / 4 Magnitude check (3 x 5), and if they kept one it would be a 1 Accuracy / 10 Magnitude check (1 x 10).

This also means that GM’s would set difficulties based on both Accuracy and Magnitude.  A lock picking might be a (3 x 1) check, whereas kicking down a door might be a (1 x 3) check.

What are your thoughts?


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