A new RPG system

Getting Started

This site will feature a current rules set and development of a new RPG.  I will feature ideas in posts, interesting mechanics, and design decisions.  As I come up with semi-workable rules, I’ll make pages to feature that rules set.

Here are my design goals

  • A Universal Game System that is adaptable to multiple settings.  It doesn’t need to be so flexible that it can model literally everything, but it does need to be able to handle the basic elements.
  • A generic resolution mechanic which informs the general rules, and how they’ll play out.
  • A pacing mechanic that makes actions in round dynamic.
  • A damage mechanic which doesn’t result in Save or Die situations, but which makes the ramifications of combat feel immersive.
  • An equipment system that is based on reasonable economics related to skills, and the cost of making those skills.
  • A flexible character creation system that allows the players to design the character they imagine within the scope of the power level.
  • A modular system, where a general system works for play, but where mechanics can be added to the system to ‘zoom in’ on important elements of play.
  • A system which is not overly complex (in terms of table look ups, math, multiple dice rolls), and where complexity scales to experience.
  • System mechanics should be generalizable to differing sorts of adversarial situations.  Special combat rules, or focus on combat as the primary method of conflict resolution is a no-go.
  • A system for modeling all sorts of things (characters, environments, etc…) in a universal manner.

Here are the general Subtasks I need to tackle to make this work

  • A Dice Mechanic
  • A pacing mechanic / resolution order mechanic
  • Mechanical Characterization
  • Generalized Resolution Mechanic
  • Combat Mechanic
  • Mechanics for common tasks
  • Crafting and Economic Mechanics
  • Magic
  • Powers, etc…
  • Balancing Challenges
  • Character Advancement

If there’s anyone out there.  What is on your hit list for design goals?  Can you spot any major things I’m missing as far as subtasks?


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