A new RPG system

Rejected: First dice mechanic

The first Dice Mechanic idea proposed suffers from some major flaws.  It just doesn’t work.

If you look at the post abut Character attributes  you can quickly see the problem.  Consider someone with the following stat block:

d4, d4, d6, d6, d20

That person according the the previous article thus had a Defense of 5 x 4.  This means the only way for the character to hit himself is to always keep all the dice, and have one of the 4’s come up 4.  Even if it’s refactored where the width of the defense is 3, the result would still be that the attack would always keep 3, making the defense and not the player determining the width.  And it’s still easy to contrive a character that still can never hit himself by using the stat block d4, d4, d20 which would result in a defense of 2 x 5.  So that isn’t going to work.

One work around would be to make defense an or situation.  You must either beat the width or beat the height.  But even then it becomes hard unless you switch the entire game over to basing difficulties on the obstacle instead of the task.  For example a locked door could have a 3 x 5 difficulty expressing you have to beat it with “accuracy” by say picking the lock above a value of 3, or kick it down with a value of 5.  But in this case higher width becomes a purely static result.  You always go for the width.

Finally it could be handled by knocking out dice.  a 3 x 5, could mean that 3 dice have to be rolled above a value of 5, and whenever you manage that you succeed.  That however again completely remove the value of the mechanic.  Players now aren’t managing a payoff matrix to keep a certain amount by reducing their force.  Instead they are keeping whatever dice beat target numbers, and while sort of interesting seems needlessly complicated given that it doesn’t seem to offer any distinct features over just rolling dice and beating a target number.

So, I guess it’s back to the drawing board on that one.


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