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RPG Theory: Living Myth vs Forge Theory


Several of my posts have received plenty of praise, but also a fair amount of criticism.  A large portion of the criticism levied against me came from two groups, both of which tend to be blights to reasonable discussions about RPG’s.  These two groups seem to have decided that all the thinking about RPG’s has already been done, and so levy their criticism from that vantage point.

The first of these two groups is the OSR’s.  If you don’t know already, OSR stands for Old School Roleplaying, these are people that like a certain style of play and are the sworn enemies of Forgers (which I’ll get to in a second).  From the OSR’s the criticism was mostly along the lines of suggesting that my proposed mechanics were somehow ‘cheating’.  Which of course relies on the myopic belief that the way they like to play games is “how games should be played”.

The second of these groups were the Forgers.  Forgers are people who adhere to an incomprehensible RPG Theory that is largely centered around a cult of personality names Ron Edwards and his online forum designed to perpetuate his ideas.  The criticism from this group was generally along the lines of “The Forge (or story games) already figured this stuff out.”  or “You aren’t going far enough”.

I’m not going to address the OSR’s here.  I’ll save that for another time, because honestly their the less annoying of the two groups.  Furthermore, before I continue, I want to state that there are awesome people in both groups, and I’m going to try to focus my criticism here on theory instead of people.  Finally, the take away from this should be an explanation of what I’m trying to accomplish with Living Myth.



Adding Fate Aspects to Any Game

Fate is an RPG that is centered around a particular mechanic it calls “aspects”.  It is designed as a game that encourages a Director stance (excuse my use of GNS terminology please) and is focused on simulating a narrative.  The Fate mechanics work by creating a rubber-banding of narrative tension, and while it seems like a direct port would work, there’s a better way to incorporate them into more traditional RPG’s.