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Adding Fate Aspects to Any Game

Fate is an RPG that is centered around a particular mechanic it calls “aspects”.  It is designed as a game that encourages a Director stance (excuse my use of GNS terminology please) and is focused on simulating a narrative.  The Fate mechanics work by creating a rubber-banding of narrative tension, and while it seems like a direct port would work, there’s a better way to incorporate them into more traditional RPG’s.



Drafting a Lite version

One of the things that D&D does well, and that a game like, say, GURPS does poorly is sufficiently staging the complexity for players.  GURPS, has to a lesser extent remedied this by releasing GURPS Lite, and they smartly made it free.  In that vein we’re going to want to start with a set of minimal rules that can be expanded upon without violating those minimum rules.  This also lets us spin up a game we can start testing sooner, and makes future rules modular.

So what do we have to do to get to Living Myth Lite?


An analysis of dice mechanics

What does one need to make a good dice mechanic?  What would an ideal dice mechanic look like?

To understand this, consider what your game statistic and dice model in a game you are playing.  Specifically, if you have two characters and the first character has a stat of 10, and the second character has a stat of 12, you know that the second character is better at doing what that stat models than the first character.  So what happens when a person gets “better” at something.  Primarily there are two things:

  1. They become more accurate
  2. They become more precise.