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Adding Fate Aspects to Any Game

Fate is an RPG that is centered around a particular mechanic it calls “aspects”.  It is designed as a game that encourages a Director stance (excuse my use of GNS terminology please) and is focused on simulating a narrative.  The Fate mechanics work by creating a rubber-banding of narrative tension, and while it seems like a direct port would work, there’s a better way to incorporate them into more traditional RPG’s.



Re-Examining Skills

Nearly every game has some sort of fixed list of things a character is capable of doing.  Sometimes that list is attributes, other times it is skills.  The design goal in these cases is to have a fixed point reference to make checks against to determine success.

So when I wrote up Constructing an Ability List I was working from the same premise.

Here were going to explore those assumption, deconstruct the idea, and investigate an alternative.



Drafting a Lite version

One of the things that D&D does well, and that a game like, say, GURPS does poorly is sufficiently staging the complexity for players.  GURPS, has to a lesser extent remedied this by releasing GURPS Lite, and they smartly made it free.  In that vein we’re going to want to start with a set of minimal rules that can be expanded upon without violating those minimum rules.  This also lets us spin up a game we can start testing sooner, and makes future rules modular.

So what do we have to do to get to Living Myth Lite?